Troubleshooting Tools

Troubleshooting Tools

Download the Digitizer Diagnostic Software (49.6 mb) Includes Windows 7 Support

Digitizer Tools User Guide (1.61mb) Includes Windows 7 Support

32-bit TWAIN Interface (New Version 5.2)

Supports All Medical Digitizer Products. Windows® Files.

Download User Manual for TWAIN (1.07mb)

Download TWAIN Software TWAIN 5.2 exe (1.53 mb)


VIDAR’s TWAIN has been tested with PaintShop Pro version 7, Photoshop version 7, and Image Pro Plus version 3, and is supported only as a baseline-testing tool for use with these applications. TWAIN 5.2 only supports a batch mode that forces writing files directly to the hard drive as opposed to transferring images directly to a host application. It is not a recommended tool for medical application software.

VIDAR’s TWAIN is not fully compliant to the TWAIN specification. Therefore, VIDAR does not provide support for new third party software integrations using the TWAIN. VIDAR has an Active X Toolkit available for developers who wish to integrate software for use with its film digitizers.

If you are a medical imaging application software developer, please contact your VIDAR sales team for information on alternative integration approaches and development tools.


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